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Mr. Hamid Ahmadi has been in the entertainment business from very early age. He has started in the music industry after his completion of music courses and then he got casted for a popular TV series and since then he has been involved in movie and TV industry. He was partner in starting a news channel on satellite in North America as Persian News Network (PNN) and after a division with his partner he started ICC on satellite.


Although, ICC has started with very limited resources, but it has been very successful in to Farsi speaking community, and it has established itself as one of the most watched Farsi channel, with complete two studios and state of the art technology and many talented staff around the world. It is providing the best of the entertainment for all Farsi speaking communities around the globe.


ICC’s objective is to provide clean and family entertainments for all ages, so this may keep families together with any free time they may have. ICC has been introducing itself as a family oriented channel, so it can help family ties.


ICC contents are all rated “G” and/or “PG” to assure to meet the objective. It is 24/7 movie channel that selection of their movies are from all around the world movie industries that has been dubbed in Farsi, movies from all four corners of the world, from America, Europe, Asia, Middle east, Africa, and also an independent movie makers.


ICC Audience age categories are from all age group and it is all due to range and variety of the movies it broadcasts, Cartoons for younger generation, action, drama and comedy, for more experience adults..


Due to the fact that ICC broadcasts for so many different time zones, its schedules are as 12 hours and 12 hours rerun, just to make sure every time zone has a chance to watch their favorite movies. In every 12 hours 5 movies are broadcasted, and at 10:00 AM, PST, new package is run daily.

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